36 Gunn

May 2, 2020
36 Gunn

“36 Gunn” is an upcoming Indian Marathi language movie. It is directed by Samit Kakkad. Star cast of film Santosh Juvekar, Vijay Patkar and Purva Pawar in lead roles. Produced under the banner of Samit Kakkad films & Mohan Nadar’s Busybee productions, this film will be released in 2020. 

  The streets in the posters resemble the dark alleys of London, a gentleman and a lady with her cigarette. The poster suggests we can expect a dark twist in the plot. ‘36 Gunn‘ is the number of Gunn’s or attributes that should get matched between a boy and a girl before they get married. The movie comments on the mentality of relationships of today’s youth and their perspective on the marriage system. A pair whose ’36 Gunn’ get matched, are considered ideal for each other.

Part of the film is shot in London in 90 unique locations hardly seen before in Marathi films. Some parts of the film are also shot in Goa and Mumbai. Estimated Budget of the film is INR 20,000,000. Film will be release on June 2020.

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