Aastad Kale and Swapnalee Patil opt for a simple, registered wedding

Actors Aastad Kale and Swapnalee Patil got married sans any frills, via a simple registered marriage ceremony yesterday. While Aastad wore a traditional angarkha kurta, Swapnalee was beaming with joy in a wine red saree.

“We always wanted our wedding to be a simple one,” said the happy groom, adding, “Nothing will really change in our lives. We were living together for the past many months, and marriage is only an official stamp on our relationship. However, from now on, only the way we address each other in public will be different. I’ll address her as my bayko and she’ll call me her navra. I am looking forward to a beautiful life with Swapnalee.”

Even though the ceremony was simple, there was no dearth of glamour. Celebs from the Marathi industry, including Smita Gondkar, Suvrat Joshi, Sakhi Gokhale, Megha Dadhe, Prarthana Behere, Savaniee Ravindrra, Girija Oak and Suhrud Godbole, were present for Aastad and Swapnalee’s special day.

On the work front, Aastad is currently seen in Marathi TV show ‘Chandra Aahe Sakhila’.