‘Abaar Bochhor Koori Pore’ shoot resumes today

Srimanta Sengupta’s film ‘Abaar Bochhor Koori Pore’ which was stalled last year due to the pandemic resumes its shooting today. The slice-of-a-life drama stars Abir Chatterjee, Arpita, Tanusree Chakraborty, Paran Bandyopadhyay, Sumanta Mukhopadhyay, Anirban Bhattacharyya, and others. There’s a major change in the cast. Abhishek Banerjee who had to back out due to date issues has been replaced by Rudranil Ghosh.

At some point in our childhood, we went outside with our friends to play together for the last time and we never knew about it — the film ‘Abaar Bochhor Koori Pore dives into the same pool of emotion.

It is about a reunion of school friends who were lost in their own turmoil and monotony of their adult life decides to revisit their golden days after 20 long years. Arun is an individual who has worked from scratch to make himself successful but is lost in the aggrandizement of the corporate world. Bonnie, a doctor busy in her own life going through some transformative changes in life. Nila is estranged in her own life of husband, kids, and household chores. Dutta is the only one currently based in Kolkata and perpetually planning for a long-pending reunion.

“How these set of friends based in different cities beat all odds and come for the reunion is something special to look out for in the movie,” shares the director.