Abhishek Bachchan schools a troll on ‘outsider versus nepotism’ debate

Abhishek Bachchan is not an avid social media user like his father, but the actor sure knows how to win the internet game with his witty responses to trolls. Case in point his recent exchanges with an internet user who tried to troll the actor on the nepotism debate. Urging that the audience must start supporting talent, a social media user pointed out that Prachi Desai has 1.3M followers on social media while Abhishek Bachchan has 15.3M followers. The troll also took a dig at Junior Bachchan, tagging him as the face of nepotism.

Schooling the troll that social media popularity does not directly indicate a person’s talent, Abhishek replied, “I assure you Mr Singhal the amount of followers you have on social media is by no means a barometer of acceptance or popularity or talent. My friend @ItsPrachiDesai is a very talented actor and doesn’t need social media to endorse that. Her work speaks for itself.”

Standing in support of the actor, another user posted, “Also, 15 Mn people have not been forced to follow @juniorbachchan. People follow as per their wish and will. Nothing to do with nepotism or skills.” Interestingly, Prachi Desai and Abhishek Bachchan had shared the frame in 2012 release ‘Bol Bachchan’.