Acting has become my passion: Anicka

Even as she is waiting for her debut film, Jasmine, to hit screens, newcomer Anicka Vikhraman has already completed shooting for two more films — Ikk, directed by Jiivi writer Babu Tamizh, and Sarkunam’s En Paattan Soththu, starring Vemal, apart from a web movie.

Anicka says that she got her first movie offer while she was doing her B.Com in Bangalore. “I was doing modelling, mostly as a hobby, and did a few ad shoots. Jehansaai sir, the director of Jasmine, had seen my still, and felt I’d be right for his film. Since it was a solo lead, I thought I’d give it a try,” begins the actress.

Though she did not have a previous acting experience, this Malayali girl, who was born and brought up in Mumbai, says she was able to perform well in her first film because the character was closer to her real self. “It’s actually a horror movie, about a girl’s life… the moments that a woman faces. She is a girl-next-door type, a carefree girl, a bit bubbly… any girl can do this role because the problems that she faces are something that all women can relate to,” says Anicka, adding, “The language was the only difficulty, and that too, initially. I understand Tamil, but since it was a heroine-centric script, I appear throughout and have a lot of lines, so speaking in Tamil was a problem at first. Now, I am quite fluent in the language.”

While Jasmine was shot for over a year, she signed her second project, Ikk, after watching Jiivi and being mightily impressed by it. “The film revolves around three characters — hero Yogesh, Guru Somasundaram sir, and me. I play a newlywed wife in it. She is very supportive of her husband, who is facing an issue,” she reveals. Playing a married woman wasn’t a concern, she says, and adds, “I think the industry has now gone past beliefs like young actresses should act only as lovers and not wives. You only have to look at Aishwarya Rajesh for proof. She played a mother of two kids in Kaaka Muttai, and that worked wonders for her career.”

Interestingly, within a week after Ikk, she signed Sarkunam’s film, a family drama. “The story revolves around my character, and it is quite a contrast from both my films. I play a village girl who has been to the city, so while she’s traditional, she’s also a bit modern. Even the experience was different as unlike in my first two films, which had minimal cast and crew, we had a huge cast, as my character has a large family — three uncles, their families and all that. And the cast included veterans like Thambi Ramaiah sir and Meera Krishnan ma’am,” she says.

She calls Sarkunam as “a sweet person and a gentleman”. “He is very fast when it comes to shooting scenes,” she adds. And Vemal helped her out with the dialogues, especially the Thanjavur slang, she informs.

Though acting happened by accident, Anicka says she says she became seriously hooked to acting, after her first film. “Acting has now become my passion. I have shifted to Chennai to try my luck here,” signs off the actress.