Actor Saurabh Gokhale shares what he is missing this Ganeshotsav

Ganpati festival brings Dhol Pathak, volunteer work with Ganpati mandal, meeting friends and family for pandal hopping and many more such activities. Corona pandemic has put a curb on such activities. Saurabh Gokhale who has been a part of one or the other activities since young age is missing all these things this year.

The Simba actor shares his feelings, he says “Ganpati festival is very close to our heart. We have been connected to the festival since a very young age be it through school’s dholpathakor volunteer work with Ganpati mandals nearby our home butthe corona virus has put a break to the tradition of the 128years. I am missing lots of things. These 10 days of the festival binds many people together. They forget rivalry or other grudges and come together to celebrate the festival.”

Active part of the Kalavantdholpathak Saurabh and team start preparing a month before the festival“Different artistes and technical people from the industry come togetherfor practice or take responsibility for various duties of Dholpathak. Usually we all are not interacting with each other on a day today basis but the festival brings us together. Practice or other coordination of Dholpathak gives me different energy. We conduct practice sessions at my school so this also connects me to my school. Usually after 10th we hardly get in touch with our school but due to Dholpathak I meet many people from school every year. This year I am missing that,” Saurabh adds.

The actor also shares that during festivals he and other people get a chance to meet different people, understand different things. “We meet different mandals or different dholpathaks but that is also not possible this year. But I am positive that we all will overcome this pandemic soon and next year we will celebrate the Ganpati festival with double energy.”

According to the actor there are many who don’t love festivals or hate various activities, but sharing the positive side of the pandemic Saurabh adds, “This break to the festivities will change the perspective of people who oppose activities that take place during festivals. Due to pandemic nobody is able to meet friends and family or socialize. Everybody is eager to socialize or meet people. This situation may help them to understand the importance of the festival which brings people together. Even they must be missing various things that happens during the festival.” On the work front the actor is playing the role of Nathuram Godse in play Gandhi Hatya Aani Mi. The shows will resume once the auditorium will open.