Actors are role models for the way they are off-screen not on-screen: Madhavan

Actor Madhavan seems to raise temperatures every single time he chooses to post a picture on social media.

Seen in Telugu in both Savyasachi and Nishabdham in grey characters, Madhavan slowly seems to be shedding his lover-boy image. “I’ve made my career playing the romantic hero but I’ve always been open to playing any kind of character on-screen actually,” he told Hyderabad Times in a media interaction while promoting his recent film. But when asked if he’s worried he will lose fans this way or worse, replicate him, he was quick to reply, “Fans don’t replicate me when I beat up villains, so I’m sure they won’t replicate me if I kill someone on-screen either. (laughs) Actors are role models for the way they are in real life, not for their characters on-screen.”

The actor is not oblivious to all the attention he receives on social media though. “I feel very grateful. I don’t know what to say. It’s very humbling. I am 50-years-old and I will be 51 next June and it feels people just want to give me love. I try always spread positivity,” Madhavan recently told IANS. He added, “The world is such that even if you put a picture of a smiling baby, there’ll be negative comments. So, if I can spread happiness whichever way I can (I will). . I think it is the reciprocation of that positive attitude which makes people give me so much love.” Talking to Hyderabad Times too he said, “The kind of videos my fans make are sometimes better than the movies I’ve made. I really cherish them all.”

Madhavan has the Nambi Narayanan biopic Rocketry lined up but the actor says the kind of scripts he’s looking for now has shifted considerably during the lockdown. “Lockdown was not easy for me, just like anyone else really. A lot of people were dependent on me and I was worried as to how I would manage. But the idea was to keep doing the right thing,” he said, adding, “When it comes to the scripts too, I’m looking for stories that will make sense even after the pandemic, something that’ll make my audience smile instead of adding on to their worries. There’s a shift in the kind of content made in India right now, with many looking for more realistic content. Exciting times lie ahead!”