Aindrila pampers her furry babies

Actress Aindrila Sharma spent some quality time with her two pets Bojo and Tojo during the lockdown. The actress also chilled at home gorging on the delicious dishes cooked by her sister.

“My sister is a brilliant cook. And during this lockdown, she has been preparing a variety of dishes and I am thoroughly enjoying savouring them. Apart from that, I am also getting to spend a lot of quality time with two of my pets. I am playing with them the whole day, grooming them and clicking a lot of pictures and funny videos with them.

When I have to shoot, I don’t get much time to spend with my pets. During this lockdown period, I have also started an online channel where I am shooting different videos and posting them for my fans,” said Aindrila.

Whether posing with cats or adopting a new dog, celebrities have a special love for their pets—and aren’t afraid to show it. Their social media timelines are flooded with pictures of their furry friends almost every time.