Ajay Devgn 'Disgusted and Angry' at Educated people Because People are Attacking Doctors, they known as 'Worst Criminals'

Ajay Devgn read that the news, Educated people have been Attacking doctors during coronavirus lockdown he has expressed his anger in writed Blog on Twitter. Ajay Devgn came across reports of doctors being beaten up while they try to purchasing  groceries. The actor express his anger in the form of a tweet where he mentioned he is disgusted and angry to read that educated people are attacking doctors. Furthermore, Ajay went on to call them the ‘worst criminals’.

 “ Educated persons attacking doctors ” in their neighbourhood on baseless assumptions by read the reports he has angery on insensitive people.

They are call him ‘ Worst Criminals ’. he informed about this such people  tweeted on her blog “#StaySafeStayHome #IndiaFightsCorona,”.

Recent reports mentioned that two doctors in Delhi were harassed by a man while they were grocery shopping. The man stated that the presence of doctors might risk the spread of coronavirus. The doctors alerted the cops but the attacker ran away before they came in. However he was later identified and arrested. A similar case took place at AIIMS, this time the cops started beating the cops stating the same reason. The fear set in after the number of cases only went up despite the lockdown.

So far, approximately 7400 people have been detected positive for coronavirus, with 249 deaths across India, most of them coming from Maharashtra. Due to the increasing number, the lockdown there too has been extended till 30 th April. So The best way to prevent and slow down transmission is be well informed about the COVID-19 virus, the disease it causes and how it spreads. Protect yourself and others from infection the best way is  stay home and stay safe.