Amala Paul has a special message for women on Navaratri

Actress Amala Paul has been talking about the significance of each day of the nine days of festivities for Navaratri, on her social media page. She posted yesterday, “During Navratri Devi is WORSHIPPED in 9 forms known as Navadurga. The significance of each day of Navratri is attached to a form of the MOTHER. Day 1 of Navratri is dedicated to Shailaputri, a reincarnation of Parvati. The color of the day is RED, it depicts STRENGTH and VIGOR. 🔥 ✨ Shakti is all of US, Shakti is in you and in me. During this auspicious time, let’s INVOKE the Goddess within us and CONDUCT ourselves in a way we enjoy the EXPERIENCE which is LIFE. Wishing you an abundance of SHANTI! ✨🌸

Today, she shared, “On the second day, Devi Brahmacharini is propitiated. DEVI BRAHMACHARINI is the form of Devi Parvati in which she undertook severe PENANCE to have Lord Shiva. This message is especially for all the WOMEN out there, use the festivities to get in TOUCH with your FEMININE side or your MASCULINE side ~ whichever it is that you’ve LOST and is WAITING to be FOUND. Take time to reflect on the divinity WITHIN you. The more you SEEK, the more you shall FIND. Explore every single LAYER within you. Only through SILENCE will you find resounding ANSWERS.🌀 I wish upon you the gift of SILENCE. May the Devi allow you to HEAR THE VOICE INSIDE YOU.🙏🕉️💟.”