Amit Sadh on rumours of dating Kim Sharma: Amit Sadh will never romance in hiding

In the last few months, B-Townies have flown off to Goa, Maldives and Dubai for a vacation. Among them is Amit Sadh. The actor who was shooting in Patiala and Manali in October, returned to Mumbai and dashed to Goa for a break. This was followed by a visit to a village in Khopoli to bring in Diwali after which he flew off to Dubai, where he is at present. “I have experienced temperatures from -4 to 40 degrees centigrade in the last few months. I’m lucky that my profession allows me to indulge in my love for travel,” he exults, adding that he understands that due to the ongoing pandemic one can’t be as carefree as before, but also refuses to let the rogue virus scare him into sitting at home.

He rode from Patiala to Manali and reveals that the traffic was as bad as usual and the roads as broken. “The pandemic had made little difference but the biker in me was happy as the more broken the road, the more adventurous is the ride,” he laughs.

Prod him on the Goa trip and he says it was to rejuvenate himself after the fatigue of a shoot. “I didn’t meet anyone, I’d wake up in the morning, walk on the beach, eat Goan fish curry and rice, and go to bed by 9 pm,” he rattles off. But he was spotted with Kim Sharma fuelling rumours of a budding romance? “We accidentally bumped into each other at a restaurant and exchanged greetings. That was it. Amit Sadh will never romance in hiding. I don’t care for such reports, but we shouldn’t talk about women in our industry, and the country, in such a frivolous manner,” he fumes.

During an earlier interaction with source the actor had spoken about opening a cafe in Goa, but now admits that he doesn’t think that the dream will materialise. “As an artist, I keep coming up with these crazy ideas, but I have some trustworthy people around me who always pull me back to sanity,” he confides, quick to add that work on his Mumbai cafe is continuing and it should open soon, hopefully.

As an actor Amit is so busy, he admits that he is not even getting enough time to switch between characters. “But I am in a happy zone,” he asserts, glad that he could spend a quiet and peaceful Diwali in the village. “I was so tired I made the village people cook my meals for me and binged on them. I sat in the green fields, did yoga and breathed in the fresh air. The only ripple is a minor injury I suffered while shooting for ‘Zidd’ for which I am undergoing physical rehab.”

Any other secrets? “Yes,” he chuckles. “I have written a couple of nice stories and several directors have shown interest in my work. I just hope I can find some producers now to invest in them,” he concludes.