Amitabh Bachchan explains why his new Instagram post won’t fetch ‘20-30 lakh numbers like the popular stars get’

Amitabh Bachchan is quite active on social media and shares constant updates with his fans, even when he has ‘nothing to say’. In an Instagram post shared on Tuesday, he admitted that he had no new insight or information to share, and expressed his gratitude for the fact that he could reach at least one or two lakh people with his social media posts.

“Sometimes it’s prudent to accept that you really have nothing to say on INSTA tonight.. it’s not going to fetch you the 20 – 30 lakh numbers like the popular stars get .. but even the 1-2 lakhs that you get are after all 1-2 lakhs .. BE GRATEFUL FOR SMALL MERCIES,” the actor wrote.

Amitabh also expressed his thoughts in a blog post, which started with a shout-out to his fans. He then discussed the importance of effectively managing one’s life and mused about future planning. Poking fun at his stream-of-consciousness style of writing, he wrote, “I ramble on , with no destination in mind .. it was to be an apology for the precis that was finding no effort on any elaboration .. and yet the mind plays truant and hides its intent to give reason for this unending – as some dear put it succinctly , the Blog from the KGB, or any secret agency .. for nothing that was written made sense or could be deciphered ..”

He added, “.. and if any of you would dare to attempt such , it would give the benefactor of the ‘secret agent conspiracy’ some manner of relieved air .. I was just interested in putting up my imagery , after long , and closing the gates .. but here I am simply undulating in the wormed DAY of the date and not putting an end to this atrocious content ..”

Amitabh also shared pictures of himself from the sets of Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) 12 and said that the ‘discipline of work’ is the cure to every ailment. “The cure for all ailment is the discipline of work .. Get out there and get going .. Retire with the thought of the ‘work’ tomorrow .. Finish the work and come back to think of the ‘work’ done and what the ‘work’ shall be required for the morrow,” he wrote. “This makes sense .. For others it is nonsense .. Choose then .. Sense or nonsense,” he concluded his post.

This year marks two decades of Amitabh’s association with KBC. He made his small screen debut as the host of the popular game show in 2000 and has hosted every season so far, except the third season, which was hosted by Shah Rukh Khan. Currently, the show is gearing up for its twelfth season.

Amitabh, who was diagnosed with Covid-19 in July and tested negative in early August, recently resumed shooting for KBC 12. Sharing an update on Instagram, he had written, “.. it’s back to work .. in a sea of blue PPE .. KBC 12 .. started 2000 .. today year 2020 .. 20 years ! Amaze .. that’s a lifetime.”