An eye-opening documentary on Retinoblastoma, a treatable cancer

Independent filmmaker Sanjiban Nath’s documentary ‘Visionless’ had its world premiere in Los Angeles at the Laemmle Glendale last year. “Our motto is to get as much attention as we can because we would like to create awareness of Retinoblastoma, the main subject of the docu-drama. “Retinoblastoma is treatable cancer. Yet, many children die of it because of their withdrawal from treatment by their parents. It’s a shocking fact that Retinoblastoma and child homicide are deeply connected,” said Sanjiban in an exclusive chat with ETimes.

‘Visionless’ is an eye-opening journey that talks about Retinoblastoma, a form of eye cancer and child homicide. The film tries to explore how these two are connected. Sanajit, a toddler from a remote village in India, is diagnosed with Retinoblastoma in both his eyes. Although he receives financial support for his treatment, and his survival is almost certain, Sanajit is withdrawn from medical care and left to die untreated by his parents. What happens to little Sanajit after that forms the crux of the film.

On asking him why he decided to work on Retinoblastoma even though he is not from a medical background, he said, “My late father and late maternal uncle, cousin and brother-in -law all are doctors. I have seen many cancer patients from my big family dying terrible deaths but also seen their survival. Just like my own elder brother who is a cancer survivor. We need strong awareness programmes for this type of treatable and also curable cancer. I hope this film will help us in this mission of spreading the awareness message.”

Director Sanjiban was born in Silchar and graduated in Geology. He holds a diploma in film direction and scripting and has been engaged in various media-related works. His last fiction short film, ‘The Waltz’, received 28 national and international recognitions.