An independent film on incest denied a CBFC certification despite no objectionable scenes, claim the makers

We hear, ‘I Am Roshni’, an independent film dealing with the sensitive topic of incest, made in 2018, is still struggling to be cleared by CBFC. The makers thus had no alternative but to release it on YouTube. Directed by Manoj Jayantilal Bhatia, the makers claim, the indie film was denied a certificate by the CBFC, on account of its theme — incest.

What surprised the makers was that the board members rejected the film majorly because of its story and premise rather than any objectionable scenes or content.

A source close to the project says the film was made in 2017 and after trying everything in the book to get a censor certificate, the makers had no choice but to release it online.

Producer Suresh Thomas, says that while the theme may shock some viewers, there are absolutely no sleazy scenes in the film. “I Am Roshni is a sensitive film about a brother and a sister, who amid difficult circumstances, find solace in each other.”

He added, “While we wanted a theatrical release ideally, after running from pillar to post we were content with an OTT release as well and there were talks in advanced stages with a couple of platforms but they all fell through, as the board was not willing to certify the film. I urge people to watch it and point out any vulgarity at all. A film like this needs to be shown because these things are happening and turning a blind eye wont help.”

Echoing his sentiments is director Manoj Jayantilal Bhatia, who believes that people should see for themselves and judge whether the film deserved to be snubbed.

“I Am Roshni” stars Ankita Parihar and Yash Rajpara in the lead roles and has done a couple of festival rounds.