Anant Mahadevan's Marathi film Bitter Sweet to release soon

National Award winning director Anant Narayan Mahadevan’s film Bitterswee t’s post production is complete and it is now ready for a release. The 101-minute long Marathi film was shot in Beed, Maharashtra.

Bitter Sweet will feature some prominent faces like Akshaya Gurav, Suresh Vishwakarma, Anil Nagarkar, Guru Thakur, Asit Redij and Vinayak Divekarsmita Tambe in pivotal roles.

Described as ‘ a story of survival….killing one’s present to protect their future,’ Bitter Sweet is a dramatic true account of a shocking ritual in the cash rich sugar industry of Maharashtra that could be emotionally draining and biologically devastating. In its bid to outdo Brazil, as the numero uno exporter of sugar in the world, sugar barons end up surreptitiously exploiting women labour in the fields. By enticing them to undergo hysterectomy, the system, besides inflicting mental stress on the cutters, also defies all natural biological progression of the human race. And these people are so powerful that no action can be taken against them. However, one girl Suguna dared to spill the beans. This is her true story that however was quelled and pushed under the carpet.

The crew includes co-editor Kush Tripathy, cinematographer Alphonse Roy, sound designer Rashin Butte, production designer Ramakant Mahajan and executive Producer Rohan Godam. While recording is done by Anup Dev, the costumes for the film have been designed by Purnima Oak. The background score by Rohit Kulkarni and digital imaging by Venugopal Rao only adds to the film’s beauty and realism.