Anindya wants to reach out to more people with his next ‘Bish’

Actor Anindya Banerjee has some exciting projects lined up but is skeptical about the general content of Bengali cinema. He thinks Bengali cinema is not heading anywhere good and requires a complete overhaul in terms of content.

“Bengali cinema is in a precarious state. It needs to borrow heavily from theatre and literature to come out with great content. I will start working on a film Bish that is an adaptation of a theatre production. This, I suppose, will help cinema as a medium to get a strong and unusual subject to depict. On the other hand, it will also help reach out to more people, which is not possible for theatre. So, it’s mutually beneficial,” Anindya shared with ETimes.

The actor, who had received critical acclaim for his directorial short The Watchmaker at KIFF 2018, is always known for his off-beat work and significantly different thoughts. When asked if he is looking to direct more often, he said, “I am deeply influenced by poets like Robert Browning, Slyvia Plath and Jibananda Das. So, I have been thinking of adapting one of Browning’s poems for directing a short. Besides, I have completed shooting for another film Khur which I don’t know whether will release on the big screen or not.”

The actor is also occupied with shooting for his latest serial, Singha Lagna, apart for engaging in an interesting and innovative personal project. “At present, I am collecting poems of poets in exile in Syria. We are trying to collate them for a global platform. The disturbed political scenario and their writings draw me a lot,” revealed Anindya.