Anirban: I don’t like to remain static when selecting characters

Be it the shrewd brother in ‘Ek Je Chilo Raja’, the funny dacoit in ‘Bibaho Obhijaan’, the truthseeker in ‘Gumnaami’, the handsome news editor in ‘Ghawre Bairey Aaj’, the attractive Byomkesh or Khoka, the killer in ‘Dwitiyo Purush’ or his latest outing in ‘Dracula Sir’; actor Anirban Bhattacharya has nailed it each time with his nuanced performances.

In the past five years we have seen him in diverse roles. So, how does Anirban select his roles? Well, the versatile actor says while selecting he just recalls that his career kicked-off like that.

“I got to play different roles in every film I have appeared. I should also thank my directors for giving me the opportunity to portray such wide range of characters. I am thankful to Srijit Mukherji. He has taken me in six of his films in six completely different roles. So yes, Srijitda has a contribution in building my image of a versatile actor. Arindamda (Sil) also took me in such diverse roles. Now, I have this specific image that I can act in versatile roles and while selecting characters I don’t like to remain static. I think my audience also loves to see me in that way. But there has to be a weight in maintaining this and I always keep that in mind,” explains the terrific actor during an exclusive chat with Etimes.

In Debaloy Bhattacharya’s ‘Dracula Sir’ Anirban’s act has earned him a lot of praise. The film, also starring Mimi Chakraborty, Bidipta chakraborty, Rudranil Ghosh, is the story of a primary school teacher Amal who develops a pair of canine teeth earning the nickname, Dracula Sir. As destiny pushes him towards becoming the vampire he has always been referred to, he has a story to tell from 1971 that makes his journey a tale of finding love and revenge.