Ankush-Darshana pair up for Souvik Bhattacharjee’s directorial debut

Souvik Bhattacharjee’s debut film Mrigaya stars Ankush and Darshana Banik in the lead. The movie which goes on the floors from November 19 will be shot at various places across Kolkata and Odisha. The film sees Ankush playing an STF officer in this whodunnit thriller, while Darshana plays his wife. “When I first heard the story of Mrigaya from Souvik, I not only liked it but also realized the challenges of such a powerhouse title. The title Mrigaya (Mrinal Sen’s film) has such a big hangover that it puts an additional responsibility on us,” said Ankush. Talking about the storyline of the film, Ankush informed, “In the beginning, we get to see that five closest of friends (Sam, Xo, Ricky, Ivy, andJhora) disappear during a trip on a mysterious beach of Gokulpur. These five students are not just from rich families, but one of them has a political background and is a brother of the state youth minister. And the story takes a turn from there. I play the character of Anjan Sengupta, a cop from Special TaskForce (STF), who gets deputed for the missing case. Subratada plays the character of a local police officer Inspector Maity who is an unpredictablecharacter as we see he keeps on hiding the testimonies of Gokulpur. A number of questions arise as Anjan gets deeper into the case. Are they still alive or has anyone murdered them? Have they concealed themselves as they might have done something hideous? Is any drug supplier linked with them? The film revolves around all these questions. Added to that, I also feel that the audience will like Darshana and my on-screen pairing.”

Souvik on his part said, “This project has no connection with the Mrinal Sen’s classic Mrigaya nor is it a remake. The term Mrigaya in my film literally translates into the chase or the hunt and my film’s storyline talks about hunting in every sense –physical, psychological, and social.”