Ankush: Magic happens in all our lives, in a broader sense

It’s a big day for love birds Ankush and Oindrila. Their first film together, Raja Chanda’s ‘Magic’, is releasing in theatres today. So, both of them are all excited, especially Oindrila, since this is her debut film.

Speaking about the film, Ankush says there’s a feel-good factor in the story. “What can magic bring to people’s lives? That is one of the themes. Magic happens in all our lives, in a broader sense. It is not restricted to the sleight of the hand. If something wrong happens to us, who will take care of that? The film follows Indrajit and he has a lot of repressed feelings in him, which is related to his past and present. Indrajit meets Kriti (Oindrila), a senior designer. They fall in love but the way it happens is very relatable. There is a feel-good factor to it. And then comes the thrill and suspense part also,” shares Ankush who has quite a lot of interesting films in hand.

Magic revolves around a guy, who goes through a magical change in his life when he falls in love with a girl from his office. After falling in love, the guy realises that he had some connection with this girl in his previous life and the film takes a turn from there.

Meanwhile, Ankush also insists in focusing more on content-driven films from now on, “I love horror flicks. I watch every horror release in theatres. It’s not just about horror though. The next few ventures that I’m a part of are intense, content-driven films. They aren’t the run-of-the-mill gimmicky films. One won’t get to see done-and-dusted content like hero bashing goons and emerging as the inspiration. These films are all backed by innovative content — most importantly, strong storylines,” added the actor.