Ankush-Oindrila host a gala aiburobhat for Trina and Neel

Ankush Hazra and Oindrila Sen treated the recently engaged couple, Trina Saha and Neel Bhattacharya, to a gala aiburobhat on Sunday afternoon. Talking to us about it, Ankush said that it was long pending and they have been asking the couple to come to their new place for a long time now. “Finally they came today and we had a blast,” he added.

So, Trina and Neel were served with authentic Bengali cuisine including pulao, chingri malai curry, mutton, doi and chocolate mud pie. “We had a great time together. Even though I have not known them for long, but in a very short time we have become very good friends,” Ankush added.

Oindrila, who uploaded a photograph of four of them on social media wrote a caption in Bengali “Priyo Bandhobir r priyo shishur aiburobhat”, which means “on the occasion of aiburobhat of best friend and the best child (referring Neel) The new house Ankush and OIndrila has just shifted to, is just beside where Neel and Trina would live. “We can see each other’s balconies. From being great friends to neighbours, I am sure and we will spend more such good times,” said Ankush.