Anubhav Sinha calls out BJP for ‘blatantly’ copying his Bhojpuri rap song for Bihar campaign: In an ideal world, this would cost money

Director Anubhav Sinha has called out the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for blatantly copying his Bhojpuri rap song, ‘Bambai Mein Ka Baa’ for their campaign in Bihar ahead of their state assembly elections. Taking to his Twitter handle, Sinha shared a statement where he claimed that BJP has blatantly copied his Bhojpuri rap song. He added that he owns 100 percent copyright of the song.

Check out the post here:

Please listen to this song. This doesn’t even use the word Bihar once. @BJP4India #bambaimeinkaba

He wrote, ‘I can’t not say this. If I don’t say it I will have a problem with myself. My friends tell me to keep quiet and I love them too. But….. BJP has put out a campaign song for the Bihar elections. The song is a blatant and unabashed copy of the song `Bambai Mein Ka Ba’, that I released six weeks back. A song that I own 100% copyrights of.’

Elaborating further, he added, ‘BJP is a party that governs this country and this sets a terrible example about the way they respect the Intellectual Property rights of others. No one ever reached out to me for my permission. In an ideal world, this would cost money that they can easily afford. I am sure there was a reason why they didn’t. I am happy to believe this is an oversight of the senior members and I am happy to let it go. Also, it is beyond my means and powers to take this to court. Yes. I had to say this. I only expect the courtesy that the supporters do not troll me for saying this. Thank you.’

BJP’s campaign song can be found on the official page of BJP India on Twitter. It is titled ‘Bihar Mein E Baa’.