Anup Jalota reacts to Krishna Kumar's cheating allegations says, 'I am not shocked because I have not done anything wrong'

Bhajan Samraat and a former contestant on the popular Hindi reality show, Anup Jalota exclusively opened up with ETimes on the cheating allegation made by Bhojpuri actor-producer, Krishna Kumar.

Earlier, during an Interview with Etimes, Bhojpuri-producer Krishna Kumar stated that Anup Jalota had cheated on him. Hence, we got in touch with Anup Jalota regarding the issue. On being asked about the allegations, the popular singer clarified, “Krishna shouldn’t say such things. He should talk about the whole case instead of hiding several things and it is really bad. I don’t want to take any action against him, I think sometimes a person drifts away because of the wrong guidance. So he should choose the right way and follow it. His career has just started and he has to go very far. I only want to suggest to him not to drift away because of wrong guidance. Even my money is stuck in this case because I was the partner and I will also get my amount after the case comes to an end. I am not shocked because I have not done anything wrong. A person gets afraid only if he has done something wrong. There are a few things Krishna Kumar is unaware of and I know he will not say such things after understanding the truth.”

We also contacted Anup’s manager, Chaitannyaswami who added, “Director Sanoj Mishra was the person who brought Krishna Kumar to us and said that he wants to launch himself and is also ready to invest money. His main motive is to get launched in the industry. So we tied up as a partner. Later, we started shooting the film ‘Betaab’. The budget was also high and we even took a loan to complete the film. We gave Krishna 12 lakhs after the loan was cleared. The audio-video satellite owner Durgesh didn’t give the money and that case is still running. It was a bad year as during the release, the movie market was very low and so we faced losses. In this case, Anoop Ji is not involved anywhere and I have told Krishna that we’ll give him the money after the case ends. Krishna Kumar was the partner in the film and he should understand that if the team faces loss then the co-partner will also have to suffer.”

Supporting Anup Jalota, the director of ‘Betaab’, Sanoj Misha said, “I am very upset after reading Krishna Kumar’s statement. I was the person who brought Krishna from Gorakhpur to Mumbai. I still remember, one day, Krishna called me and asked me to meet him in Gorakhpur. I explained to him how cinema works. Kumar told me that he wants to get launched in the industry and is also ready to invest the money. The amount he told me was very low and thus I introduced him to Anup Jalota. Krishna is just making such statements as a publicity stunt and using Anup Ji’s name. Instead of blaming him wrong, Krishna should thank Anup Jalota as it is because of him he is enjoying a star’s life today.