Anusha Viswanathan all game for trying her hands at abstract art

Anusha Viswanathan is one of the many who used last year’s lockdown period to nurture her hobby. While the spread of the pandemic had most cooped up in their homes, some utilized the time constructively and Anusha all smiles to reconnect with the lockdown friendship she shared with her canvas.

“During the lockdown last year, I rekindled my love for and the friendship with paints and the canvas. As you can guess, it was a colourful journey for me. It’s also a wonderful feeling to be able to share this special bond I have with my paintings and tell you guys all about it,” she said.

The young actress was all game for trying her hands at abstract art. She made her own rules and painted the canvas to her own whims and tunes. “I have a special corner – a wall in my home – where I put all the paintings that I made during the lockdown. It’s decorated with tiny lights to give it a nice cozy feel. The paintings are mostly whimsy and I picked up whatever suited my mood then. Some are also posters that I tried to make,” Anusha shared.

Like most of us, she feels holding onto a hobby as a companion can see many through these difficult times. “These are unprecedented times and the entire world is going through a transformation. It’s stressful as we have to suppress a lot of emotions and thoughts. I found relief in rediscovering my love for painting. I intend to hold on to this friendship for long,” she added.