Anusha: Will raid my mother's closet for saris this Puja

What’s Durga Puja without some hope? Especially, in these trying times. Actress Anusha Viswanathan has these questions reeling in her mind even as she prepares to usher in the festivities in a quiet, homely celebration this year.

“I know this year Puja won’t be half as grand as other years. But we all like to pin our hopes on better times ahead and why not start that with Durga Puja itself. The pandemic has been scaring us all but on these four days of festivities everyone would like a breather from constant fear and panic,” Anusha said.

The young actress has curtailed on all the ‘hoi-hullor’ and decided to settle for an adda at home. “I will call my friends over or visit them at their place. That’s the plan. No going out this year at least,” she shared.

While shopping is an integral part of every year’s Puja, this year that too has seen a sea change for most people. Anusha, who didn’t shop at all, said, “I didn’t have the time or the inclination to shop this year. It’s not like every year. So, I will have to make do with whatever I have. I am planning to raid my mother’s closet for her beautiful saris. And I also have a few of my own which I have been meaning to wear for a long time now.”