Aparna Sen: I make films true to my artistic vision

“I don’t make experimental cinema or so-called formula films. Instead, I make films which are true to my artistic vision,” Aparna Sen had once said when speaking about her way of filmmaking.

Women in Aparna Sen directed films have never been confined in an ideological realm of modernity or progressiveness; instead they travels their way into breaking all the boundaries of regressive society. Along with all her charm and integrity, there was always that intelligence in actor Aparna Sen in her early days which reflected in later years when she started her directorial works.

We asked the actor-director how things have changed since she made ‘Paroma’, especially the portrayal of strong women characters.

“Earlier, whenever women made films about women, it was always about women who are morally correct and flawless. Now, a woman can make a film on women who are flawed, and not run the risk of being labeled as anti-feminist,” explained the seasoned director in an exclusive chat with ETimes.

We also can’t deny that very few films are made in Tollywood with women in the lead. To this Aparna Sen says: “Yes, I remember the film, ‘Natoker Mato’, with Paoli Dam in the lead, and it was a very nicely made film, but I don’t know why so few films are made with women as the absolute protagonist.”

Aparna Sen whose last directorial ‘Ghawre Bairey Aaj’ received critical acclaims received accolades for the mother-in-law’s role she played in ‘Bohomaan’, her last film as an actor.