Aritra Mukherjee: We talk about equal rights, but do we give respect or space to women

Aritra Mukherjee is super happy with the way his first directorial ‘Brahma Janen Gopon Kommoti’ has received appreciation from all corners. The social drama starring Soham Mujhumder and Ritabhari Chakraborty in the lead was recently screened at the IFFI Goa Indian Panorama and the response it received is something to cheer for.

The film questioning against gender unevenness in society is close to Aritra’s heart and in an exclusive chat with ETimes he says stories like these are needed to be told.

“This film follows the journey of a woman who goes through a lot of challenges before establishing herself as a priest. But the criticism coming from an orthodox society makes her rather stronger. We speak a lot about women empowerment or equal rights but the truth is we still don’t give women the respect, space, the independence they need. Just like Shabari in the film, there are so many women who are willing to go against all odds to achieve what they deserve. But, a supporting and understanding husband like Vikramaditya is hard to find. So, this film is like a tribute to those brave souls,” explains the young director.
There have been quite a lot of movies on women’s empowerment where women have been projected as headstrong characters. So, how this film stands out from the rest?

“Yes, there are films on women empowerment but is there any film on female priests? Plus, still, this society believes that a menstruating woman can’t participate in any religious or any auspicious rituals. Our film wants to break this taboo. That’s how it will stand out from the rest,” adds Aritra.

His directorial debut has been a major hit, so for the next films, the responsibilities and expectations will be high. How will Aritra handle them? To this, the young director promptly answers: “I will try to give my best for my next film as well. I know the expectations will be high after Brahma Janen. There will be a lot of pressure. But that’s what I have dreamed all these years and with such a great team I believe we will continue from where we left in Brahma Janen.”

Speaking about his next film ‘Baba Baby O…’, Aritra says it’s a sweet story of a surrogate father. “The film has Jisshu Sengupta playing the dad. It’s an interesting story on a serious issue but with subtle humour. Everything is ready and we are planning to start the shoot in March.”