Armie Hammer 'not a cannibal, never drank blood'- Report

Hollywood star Armie Hammer has been in the midst of a social media storm after his private chats featuring explicit content leaked online. The messages didn’t just give way to a sex scandal, but also had many questioning the star’s appetite, after he allegedly wrote in his messages, “I am 100% cannibal.”

In the latest report on Variety, a source close to the actor has shot down all such claims while assuring Armie “is not a cannibal.”

The source went on to add that neither has the actor ever eaten human flesh, or drank blood. Countering the contents of the messages, the person also assured that Armie never cut off a toe, locked anybody in a cage, and dubbed the messages as “crazy”.

Not denying the BDSM mentions in the posts, the person went on to defend the actor, saying, “People think that kinky sex is weird and taboo, and maybe it is to most people, but clearly there are adults who engage in it and enjoy it.”

Amidst the full-blown sex-scandal that broke out on social media, a series of new messages surfaced on Wednesday. According to reports, a new woman alleged that she received messages from Armie’s verified social media handle, including some sexually explicit audio messages just a day after the controversy broke.

The unverified posts had Armie alleging that the leak was “invasive and s**ty” and sharing his feelings about being “kink shamed by the internet”.

An attorney for Hammer has told reporters that assertions against his client are “patently untrue,” stating that any interactions with any sexual partners of his “completely consensual in that they were fully discussed, agreed upon, and mutually participatory.”

In a statement from his legal team, Hammer categorized the allegations as an ‘unfounded takedown against him’.

So far, no lawsuits have been filed by any of the accusers.

Meanwhile, the actor has been replaced in two upcoming films thus far.

His estranged wife, Elizabeth Chambers also broke her silence on the whole scandal and asked women who faced abuse to come forward with their stories.