Arun Vaidyanathan: Make Tamil mandatory first language in all TN schools and Hindi, an optional third language

he debate over Hindi imposition has become a raging topic of discussion in the state, especially after several celebrities, including Yuvan Shankar Raja, Udhayanidhi Stalin, Aishwarya Rajesh, Metro Shirish, Shanthnu and Kiki, shared images of them wearing T-shirts with statements like Hindi Theriyathu Poda, I Am A Tamizh Pesum Indian and I Am Indian I Don’t Speak Hindi. The hashtag # HindiTheriyadhuPoda also trended online.

A couple of days ago, Arun Vaidyanathan took to his social media page to register his thoughts on the same. The filmmaker wrote, He said he would be happy if the future generation attempts to wear T-shirts that read ‘Hindiyum Theriyum Moodunga Sir’.

He then said that Tamizh is his breath, his language, while Hindi is another language of communication. He further added that there’s nothing wrong if one learns another language, and at the same time, Tamizh will not disappear even if 1000 other languages come.

As his last word on this debate, Arun wrote, “Make Tamil mandatory first language in all Tamil Nadu schools. I want all the kids to write and talk Tamil fluently. If they don’t score more than 60% in Tamil, they are not eligible to take any professional college courses like Medical, Engineering and Law. Teach them, how beautiful our language is and all the literary works. Make Hindi, as an optional third language – Give incentives to Kids who want to learn one more language as part of their curriculum. If there is a tie between two kids during selection in professional courses, give priority to the kid who has chosen one more language as part of their curriculum. Why Hindi, One might ask. Its the language where more than 60% of the India use as their communication language. Any of the politicians who oppose this is definitely not visionary. God bless India (sic).”