Aruvi' actress Aditi Balan fined for not wearing the mask in Kodaikanal

‘Aruvi’ actress Aditi Balan was fined for not wearing the mask in Kodaikanal, amidst the pandemic crisis. The tourist hub attracts a large number of people not only from Tamil Nadu but also from various parts of the country and neighbouring states. When the government officials conducted a safety check, the ‘Aruvi’ actress was found without a mask in her car. She was reportedly fined Rs 200, for violating the government protocols.

According to reports, Aditi even got into a heated argument with the officials, but she decided to conform and pay the fine which was imposed by state law. The actress and her companion were allowed inside Kodaikanal only after they paid the fine.

This has promoted fans on social media to discuss the importance of wearing face masks. Although Aditi has a huge fan following, she received mixed opinions for her action.

Aditi Balan made her debut as a lead actress with the film ‘Aruvi’, which was directed by Arun Prabhu, and her unique role in the film won her several awards. Now, she is playing the lead role opposite Nivin Pauly in the ‘Malayalam’ film ‘Padavettu’.