As per quality of content, Bengali cinema is fairly up there: Parambrata

He has seen the Bengali film industry from close quarters being part of it for the past 20 years. So, where does Bengali cinema stands today, compared to other regional film industries? Well, actor-director Parambrata Chattopadhyay says given the quality of content, it’s fairly up there.

“You can see there is so much innovation here. Although I don’t have that much knowledge about all those regional industries, we hear a lot about the ones in south, and the heights those industries have scaled over the years. It would have been great if our industry too had managed to achieve that, which we haven’t done yet. Yes, there’s a lack of satisfaction, discontentment. I would have loved to see Bengali industry reaching the same goal that Southern cinema has. But if you speak about ideation, I believe Bengali cinema has done it quite well, although my personal opinion is the best ideation still comes from Malayalam cinema,” explains Parambrata during an exclusive chat with ETimes.

An actor who loves to wear different hats, that’s what Parambrata is all about. He runs a small production unit, directs films but a bit choosy about his projects keeping a decent gap between directorial works. We asked the actor-director how the acting process has evolved for him over the years and Parambrata promptly says he doesn’t like to think too much while taking an acting assignment.

“With age, maturity and experience, I have learnt that it is not always very feasible to overthink. In case of characters you really wish to sink your teeth into, you intellectualise it and then it is important to unlearn that completely and just do your own stuff. Earlier I used to overintellectualise things… because I am probably a bit of an intellectual-minded person. If you overintellectualise, then you start developing preconceived notions about the character and how that shoot is going to happen.

Ultimately you are going there as an actor. You really cannot dictate all that stuff. Borojor tumi ekta poramorsho ditey paro. Think about it… but go there as a clean slate. Your slate also has to learn to absorb feedback from others. As an actor, you may not like it but then kichhu korar nei. That person is the director, you have to rely on him or her at the end of the day. I feel finally, it is just about going there and getting it done,” explained Parambrata whose next directorial is a biopic on legendary actor Soumitra Chattopadhyay.