Apr 21, 2020

“Bandh” is an upcoming Indian Bengali language film. It is directed and written by Anindita Dasgupta. The star cast of the movie is Aviraj, Soumitra Chatterjee, Jenina,, Kharaj, Moumita and Sayantani. Film is produced under the banner of  SMS Entertainment. The sound track for this movie is given by Dolby Stereo ( Westrex Recording System).

The journey begins on a particular day which is an unofficial Holiday due to a Bandh called due to political reasons. The film portrays a mix of three parallel stories; that of Dr. Ankan Ganguly, Ritesh and Abhimanyu. The film is more about people, their way of life, their opinion and impression about present day socio economic conditions. Bandh contemplates a lot on how people actually react very differently to the constant political uprisings in the form of “BANDH” It is said that: A Bengali can brew up a cyclone in his Tea cup Adda. This cinematic presentation is a creative revelation of the same. Bandh is not only a movie who shows only political bandh , it dwells more on the mental blocks, psychological blockages of today’s Kolkata.

 Ritesh, a young professional is always under mental pressure at his office and at home serving to the constantly increasing demands of his Boss Mother, Relatives and Wife. By nature being a soft person he is unable to protest and Ritesh himself goes through an agonizing life with sympathy from none. But, this Bandh comes like a blessing in disguise for him when in one strokes of revelation his Life changes. Abhimanyu is a smart professional who always wants more from life. This Bandh ensures he gets what he wants.

Estimated budget of the film is INR 2,500,000 . Film shooted in Calcutta, West Bengal, India. The release date of movie is not disclosed yet.

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