Apr 4, 2020

Bedhab is a Bollywood action drama, helmed by Akash Goila. The movie star Sanjay Kapoor and Karishma Kotak in the lead roles. Sanjay Kapoor, who made his debut in 1995 has certainly come a long way in the industry. The actor is now gearing up for his upcoming film ‘Bedhab’ where he will be seen in an interesting double role.

Its concept say that a rich ill-mannered Jingle Composer is left by his love of life Anya and is visited by a modern age God Of Death (Yamraaj) who offers to take his life in a unique way via a special deal. Will he be able to find a way out or will he give up and succumb to God of Death`s plan? Will Anya come back in his life?

The makers recently released the first look poster of the film, where you can see a suave man holding a burnt cigar in his hand. Sanjay seems quite enthusiastic about ‘Bedhab’ and is very much intrigued with the movie’s script and likewise its unique title. He wants to keep the element of surprise but did mention that the concept of the movie has a beautiful message conveyed. And that is the very reason why he chose to sign the movie.

“It takes a while to seep in this title, but any title which takes a while and is not a normal title always has a better impact”, says Sanjay. He believes that some great titles take time to be liked, but once liked they never leave your mind and rapidly grow on you.

Sanjay believes that a movie is the director’s vision and if he himself is the story writer, that becomes a deadly package giving the best outputs.

Disappointed director Akash Goila lashed out on Twitter: “We can’t tell smokers to simply quit smoking they don’t understand we need to play a different mind game with them.” The film has been entirely shot in Greece and is slated to release soon. Sanjay Kapoor essays a triple role in the film. The film will be released by August 2020.