Bengali Filmmaker’s Work-in-progress cut of Malayalam film creates a buzz in South

Recently, the 30-minute Work-in-progress cut of Katti Nrittam was presented in Kerala and it brought in rave reviews.

The Malayalam feature-length by city filmmaker Aneek Chaudhuri is a modern day adaptation of Mahabharata. The work-in-progress was also presented in Cannes and will soon be presented in Hong Kong.

On receiving the rave reviews, Aneek says, “I am not going to be pretentious and give all the credit to my team, not taking it myself (laughs). But my Cinematographers and Art Director deserve it. And the actors performed brilliantly. It made my task easier. I am happy for the reviews more because my target audience is from Kerala. Our state (Kerala) is indeed the hub for crème films in contemporary times.”

Katti Nrittam is most likely to be released in theatres in 2021 after completing its festival rounds.

The film began its journey in 2019 and it has been a stressful journey till now. This is the first Malayalam film by someone from Bengal and the third South Indian film after Mrinal Sen and Goutam Ghose. So, what made him make a film in Malayalam? He belongs to Kolkata, although brought up in Delhi, but Kerala is not a familiar region as it seems. “I shifted to Calcutta in 2016; the city seemed brighter when I was in Delhi, however, things seemed mundane once I reached here. Nothing was like as I perceived it to be. People have become more pretentious and there is always a lack of inclination to learn something. The question is not what made me want to make a film in Malayalam, the question is why I am shying away from Bengali Cinema. Moreover, Malayalam films post 2013-the time when actors like Fahadh Faasil, Nivin Pauly, Soubin Shahir initiated a parallel mode of Cinema, have really impressed me. My trip to Kalamandalam in 2018 was pivotal too in choosing this as a concept to make a film,” explains the ‘White’ director.