Bhushan Pradhan

Since the lockdown has been announced, for most of us, the only way of entertainment and a getaway from the stress full situation, is the internet. From OTT platforms to various social media apps, most of us are spending most our time on these platforms and Bhushan Pradhan did that too, because like most of us, he had a lot of free time as. “I was spending way too much time on my phone and on various social media platforms, binge watching series had also become a habit of mine. I used to watch series overnight and sleep at 7 am and then wake up at 3 pm. For the longest time, this had become my routine, until it started affecting my mind. Late nights made me lazy and I used to feel tired most of the time, says Bhushan. It’s not just Bhushan, but most of us who are living such a lifestyle, are feeling this. So in order to change it, Bhushan suggests that each one of us should start following a routine. “One should have designated time for the usage of phone. I only take calls between certain hours in the day. I make sure that I only watch certain number of episode at once and absolutely no digital activity post 12 am. These are the things that I have been following for past 7 days and I feel much better,” say Bhushan. But not everybody is as determined as Bhushan, not many of us can give up on a certain way of living that we have been practising for over a month now, to which Bhushan says,”It’s very difficult to give up on a habit, so it’s very important to punish yourself. Despite knowing the fact that it’s not good for you, if you still do it, punish yourself with something that will really bother you. I had decided that if I don’t follow a healthy and positive routine for at least 7 days, I will delete my Instagram account and deleting my Insta account is quite a big deal for me, so fear of that, helped me follow the routine,” says Bhushan.