Bhushan Pradhan credits mom for the beautiful Ganesha idol

Unlike every year, actor Bhushan Pradhan celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi at his Pune residence. Generally, the actor with the help of his mother makes Ganapati’s idol, but this year Bhushan couldn’t do that because he could travel much from Mumbai considering the situation. “This year Bappa’s idol was completely made by my mother. She made it right from the scratch. From bring the clay to create the idol to painting it, she did it all,” says Bhushan.

The Amhi Dogi actor was really impressed by the intricate work that his mother did on the idol. “The eyebrows of Bappa look perfect. She did the eyes very well; I absolutely love the tiny detailing that she has done on the idol, from ears, eyes to eyebrows, everything is perfect. The hands of the idol are also perfect. She kept everything in mind while making this idol, especially the hand, where you place the modak. So, basically it was all he, who did it. I just came a few days before the festival and I just applied the base coat. And that is the only contribution from my side this year,” explains Bhushan.

Talking about the decor for the celebration, the actor explains that like every year, this year too, it was eco-friendly. “We always go for minimal decoration for Bappa, this time also we did it. We have re-used all the decor items and just gave that a new look instead of buying new items. Everyone should this, it is the best and the most eco-friendly way to celebrate the occasion,” shares Bhushan.