Bhushan Pradhan

Marathi film actor Bhushan Pradhan is a huge plant lover. The Tu Tithe Asave actor is a proud plant parent of over 150 indoor and outdoor plants. Amidst the lockdown, the actor has been spending a lot of time with his plants. Through social media, he has been giving out gardening tips to maintain the green babies amidst the ongoing lockdown. In a recent conversation, Bhushan shares, how he started getting more and more interested in plants with time. “I realised my interest in plants and gardening when I was in school. We used to have projects, where we had to grow our own vegetable and that was something that I really used to enjoy doing back in school. So the interest started from there. But while I was in Pune, I couldn’t have many plants at home, because my Pune home did not have apt sunlight. But later, when I started living by my self in Mumbai, I started indulging in plants and now I have so many of them,” shares Bhushan. For a lot of plant lovers, talking to their plants is like a therapy and Bhushan swears by it. “For me talking to my plants is like meditation. Whenever I need that self-talk, it’s my plants that I go to and it’s not that I talk verbally, it’s just exchange of thoughts and it works wonders for me. He firmly believes that like other pets, plants should be adopted too. “One of my friend was moving out of the country and she had over 50 plants to be taken care of and when she asked me if I would be interested in taking them, I was the happiest and I was waiting to get them home. So, just like dogs and cats, plants, too should be adopted,” expresses Bhushan.