Bidita Bag: I’ve realized the importance of finding inner peace and stay positive

Kolkata girl Bidita Bag who has made a niche of her own playing some headstrong characters feels the digital platform gives actors like her more recognition and love.

“For actors like us, the digital platform is a much safer space to prove our talent and get more work. We are outsiders and before investing money in us for big films, producers will naturally think twice. But OTT gives us a chance to prove our mettle. In fact, many good actors are finally getting their dues, thanks to these platforms,” shared Bidita during a recent chat with ETimes.

Given the rise of OTT, will the digital platform slowly take over films as we know them? To this, the talented actor says that’s a question on everybody’s mind now. “When television came, people thought that would sound the death knell for theatres. Now people are saying OTT is the only future. I think that every medium will coexist as there is enough space and audience for each. Watching films in the theatres is a grand cinematic experience, nothing can replace that,” added Bidita.

She was stuck in Mumbai, away from her parents, for months due to the pandemic last year. So, what life lessons did this experience teach her? “The year 2020 taught me the importance of being patient. I realized why we need to look inward, find inner peace and stay positive, without knowing what the future has in store for us. It has also taught me to appreciate things we take for granted otherwise. For months during the lockdown, I had to cook, clean and do all the household chores myself as I live alone in Mumbai and there was no one to help. That made me realize that one can be self-sufficient when one needs to. Another big realization was that my family is supremely important to me.