Big B's Granddaughter Navya Naveli Nanda On Dealing With Anxiety: Hit Rock Bottom Multiple Times

Amitabh Bachchan’s granddaugter Navya Naveli Nanda recently opened up about her struggle with severe anxiety and the importance of talking about it with a professional. In a video shared by her mental health organisation Aara Health, Navya, along with the other founders, Mallika Sahney, Pragya Saboo, and Ahilya Mehta, spoke about mental health and why one must make it a priority.

Speaking about dealing with anxiety, Navya Naveli says, “I think it took me a long time to really accept the fact that I needed to go to therapy or that I actually had a problem… I started therapy recently and I went because… sometimes you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom and you need to talk about it. I hit rock bottom multiple times and I just couldn’t figure out why. I realised that something had to change and I needed to talk about it. And I think that helped me come to the decision.”

Sharing how therapy has been a big help to her, Navya says. “Now once a week I am in that routine and I don’t think I am even close to hitting rock bottom because I have everything in control, I am talking to someone. Just recognising the fact that you need help is a big accomplishment.”

Navya Naveli Nanda suffers from severe anxiety. “I go (to therapy) for an hour every week. I get really bad anxiety sometimes. There’s no one reason why… I could be outside and it just kicks in. For me, one hour a week is a good enough time,” she says.

When it comes to sharing minute details of her life with her therapist, Navya syas she doesn’t feel uncomfortable doing it. She explains, “I’ve never felt uncomfortable sharing anything with my therapist. After doing therapy, I feel like 80 per cent of the issues are in my head. I didn’t even need a trigger on the outside. I just needed to be more self-aware about my own emotions, my body – what I like, what I don’t like – and it had nothing to do with the outside.”

While Navya’s family knows she goes to therapy, her friends don’t. The young Fordham University graduate doesn’t think she can just go and talk to her friends about it.

Speaking about the importance of mental health, Navya says, “Talking about it, being open about it, and not being ashamed of it can help someone else think that they could give therapy a shot. We need to stop judging people, just do your own thing, be happy in life, and stop worrying about what people have to say about you.”