Big screen’s larger than life experience can’t be replaced: Swastika

the pandemic has devastated the theatrical business and hall owners fear if cinema halls are not allowed to open soon, prospects of recovery will get even slimmer. India reportedly have lost about 10%-12% of its screen count, including independent and multiplex properties, due to the six-month shutdown that began in March. Amid all these, the theatre vs OTT debate continues to grab headlines.

However, seasoned actor Swastika Mukherjee feels big screen’s larger than life experience can’t be replaced.

“Big production houses always have their say on film distribution. Actors like us don’t have our say in these decisions. But If I am a part of a big-ticket film, I would definitely want my film to release in theatres. There’s a different charm in cinema halls and theatres. You can’t enjoy that larger than life feeling at home watching on your TV screen. I will always want my film to be shown on big screen,” says Swastika Mukherjee.

However, the ‘Tasher Ghwar’ actress says she has high hopes for the OTT platform since there have been some reasonably good works on OTT.