Bipasha Basu

Actor Bipasha Basu Singh Grover’s ‘monkey love’ — the hashtag she uses for herself and husband, actor Karan Singh Grover — has turned four-years-old today. And as the duo celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary, even the lockdown can’t dampen their spirit.

Bipasha shares, “Last year, we were in London… This year, we would do a special prayer for not just us but the entire country and the world. I am keeping my spirits positive, and I am hopeful that everything will settle down soon.”

The plans for the day are already in place, she has prepared besan ke laddoo — Karan’s favorite — and calls it her anniversary present to him. “When you get the right companion, true love, each day is such a big party. We start celebrating our anniversary every year a couple of days in advance. I am doing a lot of things for the first time this year, like stepping into the kitchen a lot more. Every day I make something special for Karan. Maybe today, we will do a sundowner on the terrace, just the two of us putting on some music and dancing,” she says.

They also plan to get together with family and friends to celebrate the occasion. “We will video call all of them and cut a cake or custard — I am yet to decide — hold a candle and feed them virtually! We will have a sweet moment by having sweets together,”