Birthday boy Ankush has gifted himself a puppy

Ankush turned a year younger today. Speaking about how his day has been till now and his plans for the evening, the actor said, “As my birthday falls on Valentine’s Day I have no extra pressure to celebrate the day (laughs). But yes, I feel so blessed that I am getting so many calls and messages since morning. Every year, I meet the members of my fan club, but that wasn’t possible this year because of the pandemic. I’ll plan something with them soon. In the evening I will attend Neel (Bhattacharya) and Trina’s (Saha) wedding reception. I couldn’t attend their marriage as I had a prior commitment.” When asked about what he had for lunch, he said, “Diet has taken a back seat today as ma cooked an awesome lunch. At home, it’s a ritual to have five types of vegetable fries and payesh on birthdays. So, I had those. And ma had also cooked my favourite combination – mutton and pulao.”

Revealing that he has gifted himself a 60-day-old puppy, Ankush said, “I’ve named him Aalu and am cuddling him most of the time. My elder son (read pet) Babla is getting jealous.”

As for his birthday resolution, the actor said, “I don’t make any resolutions; just try to go with the flow. Every day I pray to god that I should be a better human being as that’s what matters the most.”