Birthday girl Monami gifts a TV to her mother

Monami Ghosh is taking a break from all the cacophony of a birthday bash today. The usually happy-go-lucky actress is using this day as a “rest day”.

“I have been working at a break-neck speed of late. So, today I will just put my feet up and rest. Birthdays are always special so I have some arrangements made at home by loved ones. I am going to enjoy those to the hilt,” she told us.

Ask her a little more about her plans and she quickly replies, “There are no plans as such. But since my mother is an extremely good cook, she will be preparing my favourite biriyani for lunch. And of course, cakes are an integral part of every birthday. I received a lot of them today from friends and relatives. Yesterday at midnight, I had cut six cakes!”

But what are birthdays without some sparkle? It’s those gifts from dear ones that make the day bright. “I received a lot of gifts from friends and relatives. Saikat gifted me a watch and perfume besides the six cakes. My mother too made arrangements so that I can buy some more gifts. But this year, I gifted a big TV to my mother on my birthday. She stays on the first floor and has to come to the ground floor to watch TV. So, I made this arrangement,” Monami said.