Black Bud

Apr 15, 2020
Black Bud

Black Bud is a Hindi movie directed by Amol Kale and featured Himarsha Venkatsamy, Atul Kulkarni and Amol Kale as leads. Atif Afzal has scored the music for Black Bud. The movie is produced under the banner WindFall Pictures. Riju Samanta has handled the cinematography while Archit D Rastogi has done the editing.

The movie is based on Sanya, a rebellious contemporary girl but a poet at heart, escapes her strict orthodox father’s house in search of a new life. She ends up being a keep of Sultan, a don from Kurla who turns highly emotional in her obsession, Muse of Mehmood, a boycotted, infamous artist and the companion of a crook who is intelligent and good looking. All three try to induce her in their emotional, sexual and financial high. While her acts continue to spare that little time and space for herself where she can just be.

The clash of all four desires results in a series of events which we discover through perspectives of close ones of all four characters and Sanya herself. Ultimately it leads to the death of the artist, the disappearance of the don, the arrest of the crook, and Sanya chooses to go in hibernation only to restart and fulfill all her desires.

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