Black Friday

Apr 11, 2020
Black Friday

Black Friday is a 2007 movie it was written and directed by Anurag Kashyap and it was produced by Arindam Mitra of Mid-Day, the film stars Kay Kay Menon, Aditya Srivastava, Pavan Malhotra, Kishor Kadam and Zakir Hussain.

The Story was based on Black Friday. The True Story of the Bombay Bomb Blasts, a book by Hussain Zaidi about the 1993 Bombay bombings, it chronicles the events that led to the blasts and the subsequent police investigation.

Just remember that isn’t a movie about Hindus or Muslims. At first you feel for all the people getting killed by the blasts, but later when the riots are shown, then you feel for the Muslims as well. But this isn’t a movie for any of the religious sentiments. It’s all about the society as a whole in those few years in Mumbai.

The topic was highly sensitive, it was one of the most tragic events in the last 3 decades in Indian history, and an event which made Don Dawood Ibrahim the most wanted man in India

Black Friday premiere was held in 2004 at Locarno International Film Festival and was supposed to be released the same year in India. However, after a petition filed by a group accused of the 1993 bomb blasts challenging the film’s release, the Bombay High Court issued a stay. On 9 February 2007, after the verdict was announced, the Supreme Court of India allowed its release.

The movie, revolving around the investigation following the Bombay bomb blasts, and also showing the perpetrators’ lives just before and after the incident, took a long time to get through the Censor Board, The movie tries to portray everything the way it actually happened, or at least as the book says it happened, and succeeds.

The Film made on a production budget of ₹6.5 crore (US$910,000), it grossed a total of ₹8 crore (US$1.1 million) at the box office.

 Black Friday is sincerely the greatest piece of cinematic magic to be released ever. This is the type of movie that India should send to Oscars and other film festivals/awards. The world should be made known that we can make movies that will claim fame and bring India to the global picture