Bollywood raids: I-T claims to have proof of evasion

NEW DELHI: Even as the I-T department continued raids on Thursday, it claimed to have found evidence of cash receipts and tax evasion by actor Taapsee Pannu and her company, director Anurag Kashyap and others during raids carried out on Wednesday. A statement by the department also mentioned “discrepancies” in deals worth Rs 300 crore which are linked to a now-dissolved production house partly owned by Kashyap.

The department, in a statement, without identifying either Pannu or Kashyap, said, “Evidence of cash receipts by the leading actress amounting to Rs 5 crore has been recovered. Apart from this, non-genuine/bogus expenditure to related concerns by the leading producers/director having tax implication of about Rs 20 crore has been detected. Similar findings have been made in the case of the leading actress also.”

I-T officials questioned Pannu and Kashyap at a hotel in Pune where they were shooting for a movie. I-T officials said they are probing Pannu’s endorsement of over two dozen upcoming projects and the signing amounts she has received.