Bombay (1995)

Apr 21, 2020
Bombay (1995)

Mani Ratnam after ROJA came back with BOMBAY yet again the film is a Tamil film dubbed in Hindi, It was directed and written by Mani Ratnam, it was produced by S. Sriram, Mani Ratnam and Jhamu Sughand under Aalayam Production and Ayngaran International. Rajiv Menon has handled the cinematography and editing was done by Suresh Urs.

It Stars Arvind Swami and Manisha Koirala in a lead role with supporting cast Prakash Raj, Nassar, Tinnu Anand, Kitty.

It was released on 10 March 1995 and it became the ten highest-grossing film in India. The film grossed ₹140 million at Box Office.

The film was banned in Singapore and Malaysia, and it caused controversy upon release in India and abroad for its depiction of inter-religious relations and religious riots.

The film was won several awards including two National Awards Nagis Dutt Awards for Best Features film, and Best Editing. Two Filmfare Awards for Best Film and Best Performer, four Filmfare award south for Best Film, Best Actress, Best Director, and Music Director.Matri Shree Media Award for Best Film and Tamil Nadu State Film Award for Best Lyrics and Best Female playback singer.

Music was composed by A. R Rehman and the film soundtrack considered one of the greatest soundtracks of all the time

Story was based on a Hindu man and a Muslim woman from a small village in India who fall in love and decided to get married. The villagers disapprove of this marriage to the point that they are ready to incite a riot. Given the circumstances, they have moved to Bombay, they have twin’s sons. The riot shatters the family, kills their parents and couple searches the lost children under the horror of riots where the people are slain in the light of day, houses burned and goods looted. The film ends with the end of the riots and uniting of the family

Manisha Koirala looks pretty, innocent, and just gives a beautiful and touching performance. So is Arvind Swami also gives his brilliant performance, the acting of Master Harsha and Hriday is full of innocence