Boney Kapoor remembers Dilip Kumar starrer Ram Aur Shyam

Boney Kapoor is a true Bollywood buff. Though a contemporary filmmaker, Boney enjoys watching Hindi cinema of the golden era. The maker of Mr. India, has a list of such Bollywood classics that he can watch at any given point in time. “It is the larger-than-life cinematic experience of films, that is the cinema I believe in! Where the general audience whistle and clap while enjoying the experience on the big screen, where people dance when there’s great music, applaud on dialogues and in those two to three hours of complete entertainment forget their worries, and make a film what we call a ‘blockbuster’,” he says.

From a historical Mughal-E-Azam, to a fully commercial seeti-maar film like Sholay, to a quintessential lovestory Sangam, Kapoor loves it all.

Today he remembers Dilip Kumar starrer Ram Aur Shyam. Talking about the 1967 release starring Waheeda Rahman and Mumtaz, Kapoor says, “It created a template for many commercially successful off springs in years and decades to come. It featured, a quintessential double role of the subdued and the bold….Dilip Kumar. If the actor at that time was known to play roles with a lot of depth, he was superb in playing the double role with such varied differences between the two characters. The project brought out his ‘masterfulness’ in a much diverse way.”