Bought Puja gifts to help local sellers do business: Shaheb

The pandemic has been hitting people hard with fear and panic for the last few months. So with Durga Puja approaching, Kolkatans are looking forward to a bit of enjoyment. Actor Shaheb Bhattacherjee is also happy that the festivities are finally here. But he has a word of caution for everyone.

“My Durga Puja plans start long back, right from Mahalaya, every year. But this year being unusual, I hardly have any plan. Though it is that time of the year again when revellers enjoy day night pandal hopping, this year the pandemic has to be taken into account. So, wherever people dare to venture keeping a bottle of sanitiser and maintaining social distancing will be of utmost importance,” said Shaheb.

The actor is happy that he could think of ways to enjoy this Puja in his own way by extending a helping hand towards people in need. “Usually, we buy new clothes from the malls before Puja but since this year the Gariahat and New Market sellers didn’t have much to sell, I bought all my clothes for my parents and gifting from there,” Shaheb shared.

He will be careful to avoid the crowd outside and will not eat out this year. “Every year, I go out and also work during Pujas but this year I will try to lessen work and stepping out. I will spend time with family and friends at home relishing home-cooked food,” said Shaheb.