Apr 7, 2020

Chanakya is a Bollywood drama, directed by Neeraj Pandey. The movie star Ajay Devgn in the lead role. It has been confirmed that Ajay will also be playing the title role in the epic drama – ‘Chanakya’. Chanakya is based on the life and teachings of philosopher & royal advisor Chanakya, the greatest political thinker, philosopher, economist and royal advisor from ancient Indian history.

The film follows an undercover agent named Arjun, who races against time to rescue his teammates after they are kidnapped by a Pakistani terrorist named Sohail. Disavowed by his own agency after his cover gets blown, he sets out on the rescue operation in Karachi and enlists the help of another RAW agent Zubeida to accomplish the mission.

Filmmaker Neeraj Pandey said that his upcoming feature film Chanakya, is currently in pre-production, gearing to go on floors by October 2020. Ajay will essay the eponymous role in Chanakya, a historical drama on master economist and royal advisor to the first Mauryan emperor Chandragupta.

Ajay Devgn also happened to mention that Chanakya will be two-part series, and that the film is still in its scripting stages, and Neeraj Pandey is busy with that. “This film will be made in two parts because we have a lot to say.

Chanakya was way ahead of his time. Whatever is happening today, politically and otherwise, he has spoken it all at that time. He had a vast knowledge and we see whatever he had mentioned then, happening worldwide now.” Want to know more? Will keep you updated with the upcoming information regarding it. Would appreciate for your corporation.