Chhoti Si Baat (1976)

Basu Chatterjee Chhoti Si Baat was a romantic comedy movie, based on British movie “School for Scoundrels” it was produced by B. R Chopra and written by Sharad Joshi, the dialogue was written by Basu Chatterjee. Cinematography has handled by K.K Mahajan, editing was done by V N Mayekar

It stars Amol Palekar and Vidya Sinha in a lead role with supporting cast Ashok Kumar, Asrani, Rajendra Nath, C.S. Dubey, Sujit Kumar. Dharmendra, Hema Malini and Amitabh Bachchan make their guest appearance in the song Jaaneman Jaaneman

It was released on 9 January 1976, and it was considered one of the best comedy films in the 1970s. It was became hit at the box office.

 Music was composed by Yogesh and lyrics were written by Salil Chaudhury.the movie has only three songs including Na Jaane Kyon Hota hai Yeh Zindagi Ke Sath which was sung by Lata Mangeshkar and became very popular at their time, rest of two songs “Ye Din Kya Aaye” a sung by Mukesh and Jaaneman Jaaneman was sung by Asha Bhosle and K.J Yesudas.

The film won one Filmfare awards for Best Screenplay to Basu Chatterjee and it was five-time nominated including Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor and Best Performance in a Comic Role.

The story was based on Shy and handsome Accountant Arun (Amol Palekar) who was lack of self-confidence, in the office his colleague does not listen to him and his boss not happy with him. One day he comes across Prabha Narayan (Vidya Sinha) she is the only thing which enthuse him, he follows her all the way to her office, she enjoys his attention, she tries to draw his attention more by asking for time and all, However his shyness and simplicity blocks his path whenever he has to express his feelings to her. Prabha knows it and discusses these things with her colleague, Deepa (Nandita Thakur).she also likes him and wants to express himself. Arun faces a rival for Prabha’s companionship and love in the form of Nagesh (Asrani) who is over smart and boastful than Arun.

Arun meets Army colonel (Ashok Kumar), who was not only a love-Guru but also a personality development expert. Under his guidance, Arun’s personality is groomed in the right direction. Now he is ready to take upon his rival, Naagesh as well as win his lady-love, Arun does not go exactly according to the coaching of Col. Singh which was not required also and wins Prabha over through his original self only.

Performance-wise Vidya Sinha was very good as a good looking middle-class office going woman in Mumbai. Amole Palekar Amol Palekar who set aside everyone in the acting department, he played the role of Arun exceptionally, Ashok Kumar and Asrani was brilliant.